Trip Reports

Bourke’s Luck Potholes, South Africa

The meandering trail and myriad bridges are a barrier to entry for those unaware of the unrivalled views of Bourke’s Luck Potholes. From the Coca-Cola red postcard frame (literally a large rectangular frame through which you can take a picture of the landscape) to the sinuous paths of the river confluence, the Potholes is a unique and wondrous site to behold.  For anyone who is willing to make the short journey over arching bridges and past splashing waterfalls, this South African tourist destination undoubtedly rewards the effort.

One of the most picturesque sights along South Africa’s famed Panorama Route is relatively unknown to the outside world. Safaris and exotic animals in Kruger National Park are all the rage with foreign travelers, but the truly well-informed know there are hidden gems on the road less travelled from Johannesburg to Kruger. The Potholes is one of the best sites on the Panorama Route, and you could easily spend a half day exploring the undulating sedimentary cliff walls and the swirling waterfalls.

But beyond the panoramic views there are incomparable experiences to be had with the local people who visit. If you happen to be lucky enough, perhaps you will arrive on a day when the district school buses deposit hundreds of rambunctious, and friendly, kids on a field trip. I found the kids to be an enchanting diversion as they requested I take their photos in the earnest hopes that I could make them famous in the Western world.